Our Firm

Welcome to the Family


Welcome to the family.

Presley Beane Financial Services has been in the financial services business more than 35 years. John Beane, Brian Beane, Michael Presley, Cynthia Beane, and Jennifer Beane are all family who work together to help meet your financial needs.

We believe our success is based on our long history of social responsibility, strong leadership, and uncompromising integrity. Our broker dealer, FSC Securities Corporation, has a history of professionalism and wisdom in serving the financial services community, and helps us meet the needs of high net worth families, business owners and professionals.

FSC Securities Corporation is an independent broker-dealer with 50 years of experience and commitment to supporting financial advisors in serving their clients and growing their businesses. FSC has the resources, products and services to meet virtually every client's needs to help them reach their financial goals.

We are proud to be a part of the great tradition established at FSC and we are committed to delivering superior service and support. Our commitment to our clients is why we have been serving you for more than 40 years.

~Presley Beane


Our Mission

Presley Beane Financial Services is not merely a company brand, it is our family name.  John Beane, Brian Beane and Michael Presley are career financial advisors with more than 30 years combined experience. Today, the principles on which this company was built remain the very backbone of our mission.

That mission can be summarized in three words: KnowledgeStrengthService.

Knowledge is power. We have all heard the cliché, but what is knowledge? More importantly, how can it be effectively and efficiently utilized in establishing a financial plan and then implementing that plan to satisfactorily meet your needs and objectives? Knowledge is not found in spreadsheets, line graphs, or pie charts. Knowledge is ever changing; it is not an end, but a means. At Presley Beane Financial Services, the knowledge that we possess is our dedication to you. We strive to empower you with the knowledge to navigate your financial roadmap, and to help realize your investment goals. Your ability to make well informed decisions is not a burden that you will bear alone, but an effort that we will make together, equipped with many useful tools. Knowledge is one of those tools, imparted to you at every critical moment where such knowledge can make the difference between trepidation and confidence. We will use this knowledge together to structure a customized strategy, whether you are accumulating wealth in the early stages of your investment lifecycle, or appropriating those assets in your retirement.

Strength is a foundation of excellence, grounded in a tradition of independent spirit and uncompromising leadership. While Presley Beane Financial Services is an independent financial firm, our Broker Dealer, FSC Securities, provides us with operational support, vast research utility, and myriad product selection. FSC recognizes the importance of independent advice, making them the best fit for our mutually aligned goals. We are not confined to merely selling a pre-determined range of proprietary investment products, but have the capacity to present you with various options, from a broad range of providers in the industry, across numerous lines of investment vehicles. We know that no single product exists which will suit every investor’s expectations, so it is paramount that we have access to as many alternatives as possible. With FSC, we can offer such alternatives, and the support of a seasoned team that has been in this business since 1958.

If knowledge and strength are the fires that forge your financial independence, then Service is the fuel that keeps them burning. Consistent and dedicated service means that we help you to maintain a steady focus, never losing sight of your target, in spite of the obstacles and the distractions. Presley Beane Financial Services is a family business, and we treat our client’s like family as well. It is our greatest desire that you feel comfortable walking away from any business encounter and never doubt that your satisfaction is our priority; we are always available to help you in any way that we can.

Your success, and ours, hinges on proper planning and effective execution. Whatever your short and long-term goals may be, we believe the secret to reaching them lies in planning and implementation with the appropriate products and services. Developing a strategy requires input from the people you trust, and we feel you can trust Presley Beane Financial Services.

Investors should be aware that investing based upon strategies or models does not assure a profit or guarantee against loss. With any investment vehicle, past performance is not a guarantee of future results.