What is financial independence? Is it wealth or possession? Is it power or ability? Is it some lofty aspiration that drives us to wake each morning and strain for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel? For such a common phrase, the definition of financial independence seems vague and ambiguous. Perhaps, rather than focusing on financial independence, it is best to direct our attention to financial wellness. Far simpler to define, though arguably no less difficult to achieve, financial wellness is not grandiose or surreal; we believe it is tangible and attainable. Importantly, amongst the innumerable obligations that vie constantly for our precious limited time, financial wellness easily ranks as one of the most pivotal endeavors of our lives.

We believe financial wellness is that feeling you get when you lie down at night and your mind wanders to sugar plum fairies rather than your mortgage or your 401k. It is knowing that your bills will be paid, your family will be fed, and you can pay the kid across the street to mow your grass just so you can kick back and relax Saturday morning. But attaining financial wellness requires determination, sacrifice, adaptation, and fortitude. It requires a plan, and a good plan requires a good advisor.

At Presley Beane Financial Services, we don’t presume to provide financial independence. We help establish realistic goals, develop strategic plans, and help nurture nest eggs into vehicles which will strive to carry us to financial wellness. We think that when the dust settles, and when you have reached your financial wellness, you may realize you have also acheived financial independence.

If you are looking for a partner who will help you create a financial plan, we believe you will find no better advocate than Presley Beane Financial Services. Call us today and see for yourself if we have what it takes to earn your trust.


Investors should be aware that investing based upon strategies or models does not assure a profit or guarantee against loss. With any investment vehicle, past performance is not a guarantee of future results.